Electronics World

Electronics World

Established in 1913 and formerly known asWireless World- Electronics World is a monthly technical electronic engineeringmagazine aimed at professional design engineers.

Its content and style requires readers tohave a formal training in electronics. The editorial of Electronics Worldcovers the full range of electronic industry activities including technology,systems components, development tools, test, software and instrumentation.

Electronics World informs, educates and advisesby supplying readers with sufficient engineering detail to enable them tounderstand developments in the electronics industry as a route to their designproblem solutions.

Most of the features are contributed byleading engineers and academics in the field, who draw on the engineeringresources and knowledge base of leading-edge companies and organisations, aswell as their own projects.

In 2013 Electronics World celebrated itscentenary year with a special edition looking back at 100 years of electronicsdevelopment, including some classic features. At Electronics World HQ we arenow looking forward to the next 100 years in print.

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Website: http://www.electronicsworld.co.uk