June 12 - 14, 2018
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Increase in automotive recalls due to electrical issues

The number of software-related issues has been on a steady increase, according to industry sources which track recall rates. In their ‘Automotive Warranty and Recall Report 2016’, Stout Risius Ross (SSR) reported that software-related recalls grew from less than 5 % of recalls in 2011 to 15 % by the end of 2015. Learn more about recalls due to softare from:

  • Nissan
  • General Motors
  • Volvo
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen

Keeping up with design: ISO 26262 time for an update

These two interconnected and overlapping disciplines, functional safety and cyber security, are of fundamental importance to the Automotive IQ team. The purpose of this report is to initiate discussion and provide food for thought to functional safety, practitioners by providing fruitful research, information, and statistics to shed light on the challenges and questions that are yet to be tackled, with the purpose of encouraging automotive specialists to collaborate and offer more transparency in their work toward safe and secure public streets.

On this functional safety dedicated ebook you will have the opportunity to explore fundamentals of ISO 26262 and functional safety as well as the changes proposed by the Part Groups taken by ISO TC22/ SC32/WG8 in the ISO DIS 26262. For a full perspective, we will provide you with articles and presentations from OEMs, suppliers and academia accompanied by short interviews.

ISO 26262 eBook

Included in this functional safety eBook:

  • 12 pages report on ISO 26262 Edition 2
  • Keeping up with design: ISO26262 time for an update
  • ISO26262 (2016)
  • Addressing concerns around emerging technologies
  • Setting the standard for cyber security - introducing PAS 555


Presentation on ISO 26262 - From Automotive Safety to Automotive Security: Progress, Possibilies and Pitfalls

View this exclusive presentation by Dr. Jeremy Bryans, Research Fellow, Centre for Mobility and Transport, Coventry University in the UK on the topic of: "From Safety to Security: Progress, Possibilies and Pitfalls".

The presentation covers the following:

  • Facing threats against robust actors
  • Building security on the already-developed safety approach
  • Progress, possibilities and pitfalls in the complex process of transposing the automotive safety process to security

Download the full presentation for free here

Brose Presentation on Preparing for 2018 - ISO 26262 Draft, Changes and Impact on Existing Processes

Dr. Pierre Metz, Organisational Safety Manager at Brose Fahrzeugteile made this exclusive presentstion on the topic of: "Lean standard development processes – How to do without extra safety plans, confirmation reviews, and safety audits".

The presentation covers the following:

  • Why and how ISO 26262 does not fully emphasize the notion of tailorable standard processes
  • Standard processes mapped to ISO 26262 represent confirmation reviews
  • Instantiations of tailored standard processes implicitly represent safety pans
  • Standard process adherence monitoring implicitly represent safety audits

Download the full presentation for free here

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Registration form - ISO USA 26262

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Functional Safety Needs to be International

The shifting functional safety needs for driverless vehicles has evoked a greater emphasis on international cooperation. Gaps within legal requirements and industrial standards, the dangers of sabotage and hacking, and a need to address the growing demand for cleaner and more sophisticated vehicles have emerged as top concerns for emerging Asian markets.

Gain insight and learn more about the factors affecting risk reduction and critical system safety by downloading Automotive IQ’s free report, “Functional Safety Needs to be International” here:


DeFeAt your dependent failures - dependent failure analysis (DFA) for automotive systems resolved

Dr. Paravila Jacob – Safety Assessor Braking, Passive Safety Electronics, and BCS, North America, did a presentation at last years' ISO 26262 USA event, on the topic "DeFeAt your dependent failures - dependent failure analysis (DFA) for automotive systems resolved".

SEooC and ISO26262 - perspectives of an OEM (Jaguar Land Rover) and a supplier (HELLA)

Andrew Raftry, Technical Specialist for Powertrain Functional Safety at Jaguar Land Rover, and Rafał Dorociak, Head of Safety Platform Functional Safety at HELLA, both did presentations at last years ISO26262 event, on the topic of SEooC and ISO26262.
Download this compilation of presentations, to get the perspectives of an OEM and a supplier.

Siemens presents Framework for Reusable ISO 26262 compliant FMEDAs

Kai Höfig, Senior Key Expert for Model-based Safety and Reliability from Siemens Corporate Technology did a presentation at past years ISO 26262 event, on the topic "metaFMEA – A Framework for Reusable ISO26262 compliant FMEDAs".

Absolute hardware metrics: The illusion of objectivity

Johannes Schild, Expert Functional Safety Manager at Bosch Engineering GmbH and Carsten Gebauer, Project RB-Center of competence Functional Safety at Robert Bosch GmbH, gave a presentation at last years' ISO 26262 conference, on the topic of: "Absolute HW Metrics: The Illusion of objectivity RRA".

Continental on assessing safety in smart sensors development

Felix Mederer, Group Leader Functional Safety Management at Division Chassis & Safety Continental in Germany, discussed in an exclusive presentation: case study on sensor measurement, safety analysis flow for advanced sensors and opportunities of hardware compliance. Find out more and download this presentation for free here.


ISO 26262 Sponsorship Prospectus

Download the sponsorship prospectus for the 4th Annual ISO 26262 Conference in Ann Arbor, MI to find out more about the event, who's attending, and what sponsorship opportunities we have available for qualified solution providers.